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Newton's Grand Solar Return

 Only upon preparing my article about  The Discovery of Newton's Mystical Manuscripts for publication on 25.12.2007 (Newton's Julian calendar birthday) in honor of the great iscientist's anniversary  -  did I realize that this was his 365th birthday.              i



The 365 year birthday and the personal "Great Year"                                        i

From an astrological standpoint the 365 year birthday is, I believe, extremely significant as it corresponds to the cycle of 365 days that mark our regular birthdays. Therefore I suggest to name it i"The Grand Birthday".                                                                   i


Correspondingly, the 365 solar return is a "Grand Solar Return", and the chart cast for it should, so I suggest, signify the next "year" - which  is of course a "Great Year" of 365 regular years. This is in iline with the astrological symbolism wherein one day corresponds to one year.   i



Newton's "New Great Year"                                                                       i

Newton's "Grand Solar Return" should therefore signify a new revelation of his genius, whose mystic side will now reveal itself in its full splendor, so I believe, to enlighten the next Newtonian "Great Year",  just as his scientific genius enlightened the first Newtonian "Great Year" of the past 365 years. This first Great Year, spanning now on these very days of late 2007 to its close, heralds the iadvent of Newton's New Year.   i

The fact that Newton's mystical manuscripts come to light now, emerging from their hiding place after being rejected for centuries "so as not to sully the image of one of the pillars of positive iscience," As Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov puts it, speaks volumes.   i


Dr. Ben-Dov of the Tel Aviv University, a lecturer on quantum theory and the philosophy of science is ithe person who stands behind the retrieving of Newton's manuscripts.   i