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Secret Manuscripts

and read the surprising story, published here for the first time, how the manuscripts, that were hidden for centuries, were uncovered.

These are first hand reports by Talila Stan, who was involved in the retrieving of the hidden manuscripts.

Following the Scoop about Newton’s Secret Manuscripts

On June 17, 1997, the French Press Agency circulated the fascinating story about secret manuscripts by Sir Isaac Newton, that are hidden in the basement of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Following this publication, Newtons mystical manuscripts were drawn from centuries of obscurity into the limelight. I




Here are some of the events that took place, after the story about Newton’s Secret Manuscripts took the world by surprise in 1997 – I



In 1998 the “Newton Project” was founded with the aim to research the mystical manuscripts recently uncovered in Jerusalem. 



In the beginning of 2003 a BBC  documentary about Newton’s prophecy of the end of the world, which was found on one of the manuscripts uncovered in Jerusalem, made global headlines. I



In 2004 The “Newton Project Canada” was founded as a branch of the British Newton Project.   I



June 17th 2007, was a highly significant day for Newton’s manuscripts -   I

On this day the first conference devoted to Newton’s mystical manuscripts, took place in Jerusalem - .exactly 10 years after the news of Newton’s secret manuscripts that were hidden in the basement of the national library in Jerusalem, broke worldwide.I


On this same day “Newton's Secrets”, the historial ever-first exhibition of Newton’s secret manuscripts  -   took place in Jerusalem, at the National Library, in whose basement they have been hidden for dozens of years.  I

By strange coincidence June 17 is the very day in which, exactly 10 years before, on 17 June 1997,  the French Press Agency broke the story of Newton’s Secret Manuscripts to a surprised world. This remarkable  coincidence is the seventh (up till now) in a sequence of coincidences, some of them uncanny, that are connected to the Newton’s Mystical Manuscripts.    I



January 4, 2008