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Newton's Secret
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Talila's Articles about Newton's Manuscripts

The 17th of June seems to be a fateful date regarding Newton’s Secret Manuscripts –       i

On June 17 1997 news revealing the Great Scientist’s mystical manuscripts

 took the world by surprise. And with what seems to be a significant coincidence, on June 17 2007 exactly ten years later, the manuscripts were, for the very first time, displayed to the public.

In celebration of this significant date we re-publish the series of articles that firstly appeared a few monthsago in honor of Newton’s 365 birthday.                                                                                             i 






The Israeli Doctor who Saved Newton's Manuscripts
Talila Stan reveals the surprising story behind the resurrection of Newton’s discarded manuscripts


Newton's Grand Solar Return
This year's anniversary marks Newton’s 365th birthday which symbolizes a new “Grand Year”. Talila Stan writes about the astrological significance of this “New-tonian Year”, and the development of human consciousness in its light.


The Report that Revealed Newton's Secret Manuscripts
Was circulated worldwide on June 17 1997 by The French Press Agency.      i

View its English and French versions.


Following the Scoop about Newton’s Secret Manuscripts
The events that took place after the story about Newton’s Secret Manuscripts took the world by surprise in 1997





A mystical connection between Newton and myself?    i
One thing is certain -                                                                      i         
  The strange circumstances which led to the revealing of the hidden manuscripts, were followed by other striking coincidences.  i     
I hope to give my account of them soon.  i     
 Talila Stan, June 2008