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The Crucial Elections - Israel 1999

By Talila Stan
English Editor Marianne Meisels

"...the solar eclipse about to occur in August 1998 seems to mark a reversal of Netanyahu's fortunes as it falls dangerously on his Mars." ("The Stars and the Star of David" , page 19)

Netanyahu's stars had indeed turned against him. His government fell on January 4, '99 and as Netanyahu's opportunism and deceitfulness have earned him a bad reputation with many in Israel, it is doubtful whether Bibi (as Netanyahu is popularly known), for all his manipulating tricks and gift for performance which have earned him the title "The Magician", will be able to win the coming elections in May 1999.

Netanyahu's progressed horoscope for 1999 spells trouble - but then so does Israel's horoscope in which the progressed Sun in 12 Cancer semi-squares natal Mars in 28 Leo. Another ominous sign is the Grand-cross that will form on August 11th between the solar eclipse and the malefic planets Saturn, Mars and Uranus, involving Israel's difficult natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo.

Therefore, if trouble is staring at Israel from the stars - the reelection of Netanyahu, however improbable it seems when judged from his chart alone (see note) could, on the other hand, accord with the picture of gloom and doom that the stars seem to foretell (*1).

I believe that the outcome of these elections - taking place in the Holy Land on the eve of Christ's 2000th birthday at the same time that an awe-some stellar configuration, a celestial Grand-cross, starts to form in the heavenly spheres - should be CRUCIAL and not for Israel alone. Whether Israel is viewed as a center of cosmic energy or considered to be in the midst of political turmoil which could unlash destructive energy, it is obvious that its fate has world-wide implications.

These elections are crucial because they stand for Man's capacity to choose between good and evil, the ability which makes Man unique amongst God's creatures.

The Sun and Moon are the arch-symbols of the primeval duality that lies at the core of the manifest universe. The luminaries' Great Conjunction, i.e. - the solar eclipse, is a spectacle of light and darkness starkly contrasted against each other - a cosmic enactment of the mythical combat between the sons of light and of darkness, between the forces of good and evil, between God and the devil.

This symbolism reaches pivotal significance at the coming solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 - the Ultimate Solar Eclipse, as this will be the last one to occur in this century and millennium.

Being the symbol of duality, an eclipse could and should be viewed in a dual light. The Janus-faced eclipse stands for a symbolic crossroads pointing in two opposite directions.

Foretelling which way will be chosen would be a denial of the belief in a freedom of choice.

Whatever the choice taken by Man, the stars will not change their predestined course. Whatever way Man chooses, the solar eclipse will, of course, occur anyway.

The solar eclipse seems to suggest the forces of darkness overpowering those of light. But we can also view the eclipse in another light - as a symbol of the reconciliation of opposites, as the courage to face ourselves consciously and to shed light on our darker Hidra-like side. The contrast of light and darkness forged by the solar eclipse could stand for the illumination that lies in the realization that the shadow is, after all, within.

The eclipse is also a symbol of the unity of opposites. On recalling and re-collecting the once cast-away shadow, Man can reconcile his inner split by being conscious of its existence and integrating it. Coming to terms with the shadow will help to withdraw its projection from the alleged "other" and the outer world.

Thus, by reclaiming his shadow, Man will be whole (if not perfect), and more at peace with himself and the world at large.

After all, the Hebrew word SHALOM (Peace) stems from the word SHALEM (whole).

With Uranus in Aquarius hopefully highlighted by the solar eclipse and not overshadowed by it, such a quantum leap of consciousness should be regarded as not altogether impossible at the dawn of the Age of the most human of all the Signs - Aquarius.

(1*) See Apo-Eclipse Now? for the awe-some description of the star-crossed summer skies of August 1999.

This article was written by Talila Stan in March 1999 during her visit in Australia, as an afterthought about the meaning of the August 1999 Eclipse, to whom she devoted her former article Apo-Eclipse Now? , which was published in The FAA Journal, the quarterly of The Federation of Australian Astrologers. .

The forecasts I gave the Israeli media concerning Netanyahu and his opponent Ehud Barak*:

"There is no chance that Mr. Netanyahu will be elected again. In fact he will not even complete this cadency..."
("Yediot Aharonot", Hebrew daily, 7 Oct' 1998)

In the same interview I said about Netanyahu's opponent Ehud Barak: " Barak's energies have been low these last few years, but the second half of 1998 will mark a reversal of his fortunes and he will be going from strong to stronger. Thus he has the best chance of becoming the next prime minister".
("Yediot Aharonot", Hebrew daily, 7 Oct' 1998)

And a forecast concerning Barak I gave the Hebrew daily Ma'ariv in September '97: "In the near future Barak will err and blunder, but at the age of 57 (i.e. in 1999 - Barak was born in 1942) he will come to his senses and gain in strength. More and more people will go after him."

(*) "Barak" - how symbolically illuminating - means "lightening" in Hebrew.