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The Interpretation of Israel's Chart

May 14, 1948 at 4:00 p.m. (local time), in Tel-Aviv

Born on May 14th, Israel's Sun is in the Sign of Taurus. As a Fixed-Earth Sign, Taurus signifies the Jewish people's aspiration to return to their land, to be rooted in its soil, and to find steadiness and permanence after 2000 years of Diaspora.

The Sun in the 8th House of rebirth symbolizes the resurrection of the nation in its homeland, thanks to the life-giving contact with the earth. "The toiling of the soil" was preached by Zionism and practiced with zeal by the early settlers, who aspired to create a new existence and re-build the National Home (Taurus is the Sign of agriculture as well as of building).

As the Sun in Taurus has difficult aspects Difficult Aspects - The square and opposition in particular and, to a lesser extent, the minor aspects. , it has another side to it. Taurus is the Sign of possessiveness - therefore the Sun afflicted therein signifies want; the squares to it from Saturn - the planet of scarcity and limitation - and Mars - the planet of aggression - could make it feel hungry and angry. Saturn in square to the Taurean Sun could induce an inherent feeling of insecurity and deprivation, resulting in materialism and an insatiable desire for land and territory causing disputes and bloodshed (Mars square Sun).

In Israel's chart, the Sign of Libra - which signifies "the other" - rules the 1st House of the nation's spirit and identity. Libra's rulership Rulership – A strong affinity between a planet and a Sign, in which the planet is regarded as the Sign's ruler; a Sign rules the House on whose cusp it is located; the ruling planet of a Sign exerts its rulership over the House ruled by its Sign. See Own Sign; Ruling Planet. shows that other countries have great influence on the affairs of the State, to the extent of its being dependent on their support.

Venus is of considerable importance in this chart, since this planet rules not only the Sun Sign, Taurus, but the Ascending Sign, Libra, as well.

Venus in Cancer (the Sign of home and security) signifies the people's aspiration for a National Home and secure haven. The accent on the Sign of Cancer indicates that anything connected with security and defense will be at the core of the nation's existence. Venus in the 9th House shows that the bond the Jews felt with the promised land during centuries of Diaspora was primarily a religious one. Venus in the 9th also signifies the importance of international relationships and overseas support, especially from the U.S. and the Jewish Diaspora - both symbolized by Cancer, which is the Sun Sign of the U.S. and stands for family, clan and nation as well.

Venus, however, is afflicted by nebulous Neptune, which may indicate corruption of ideals and values. Expansive Jupiter afflicts Venus as well, indicating a craving for luxury and comfort that may result in the deterioration of moral values. These could be reflected in inflation and economic problems, since Venus has a "financial connection" as it is the ruler of Taurus, the Sign of money and property.

The Taurean Sun being in hard aspects to Saturn and Mars is also a sign of financial difficulties. The affliction of Saturn, the planet of limitation, stands for scarce resources, while the difficult aspect of Mars, the planet of war, points to huge expenditure for armaments. The Sun in the 8th House (inheritance and other people's money) hints at financial dependence - in this case, the support of the U.S. and donations from the Diaspora, as well as reparation money from Germany. The Sun in the 8th (death), afflicted by Mars (war), signifies the war victims( * An update (1997) note: The Sun in the 8th House afflicted by Mars also signifies the possibility of violence against whoever is symbolized by the Sun – such as people in authority and, more specifically, the Head of State. It is worth noting that the same Soli-Martial aspect also features in the horoscope of Itzak Rabin (see Rabin's chart, page ...). ).

Homely and cozy Cancer, the Sign connected with cooking, is in the 10th House of government and it is of interest to note that the leading members of the cabinet are referred to as "the kitchen"( * Even today (1997), many governments after Golda Meir's, cabinet meetings are still referred to as "the kitchen" or "the kitchenette". The extent to which this expression still holds shows how aptly it reflects Israel's 10th House Cancer. ) , as Prime Minister Golda Meir used to hold consultations with leading ministers in her kitchen.

Folksy Cancer, the Sign that stands for the common people being in the 10th House of government, indicates the rulership of the people - democracy. The Moon which symbolizes the masses is also in the 10th, strengthening the democratic leanings of the State that enjoys the title of "the only democracy in the Middle East".

The Moon symbolizes women as well, and thus fittingly enough a woman was at the Head of State. The fact that the Moon (signifying the common people) is in the royal Sign of Leo hints at the possibility that, in spite of their folksy ways, the rulers will tend to pomp and circumstance.

It is of interest to note that all four prime ministers who served in Israel to date (1974) were natives of Libra and Taurus( * Golda Meir's Sun Sign is Taurus; David Ben-Gurion, Moshe Sharett and Levi Eshkol's Sun Sign was Libra. ) , the two dominant Signs in the chart of Israel. Although it seems as if only natives of May or October have a chance to attain this august position, the Moon in Leo implies that an August-born Leo may become Head of State( * This was written in 1974 before the two Leos, Menachem Begin and Shimon Peres, became Heads of State. Begin was elected in 1977 and Peres in 1984. ).

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction signifies traumatic experiences - such as the Holocaust that preceded the turbulent birth of Israel and, to a great extent, brought about the establishment of a National Home for the survivors. The 10th House position of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction indicates drastic situations connected with changes of administration( * Viewed with the hindsight of Prime Minister Rabin's assassination, these words seem ominous indeed. ) , while the planets' position in Leo may signify dramatic upheavals in the government.

Mars in the 11th House of friendship indicates disagreement and strife with so-called friendly countries. The planet's position in Leo shows that relations with countries ruled by this Sign (France), even though superficially friendly, won't be easy.

The 4th House symbolizes lodgings and houses. Capricorn in the 4th indicates shortage and difficulties in housing.

The rulership of Scorpio over the 2nd House of economy and finance stresses the tendency mentioned already to rely upon the resources of others - Scorpio being the Sign of other people's money.

Jupiter in the 3rd House of education and in the Sign of higher learning, Sagittarius, signifies a drive for knowledge and promises success in this field, if the energy and drive of Mars (which benaspects Benaspects (Easy Aspects) - The trine and sextile. Jupiter), as well as the necessary resources (Mars rules the 2nd House), will be directed effectively.

Aggressive Aries in the 7th House of relationships signifies hostile countries and hints at the possibility of war as combative Mars, ruler of the 7th, afflicts the Sun. But Jupiter's trine to Mars will be of assistance in the case of conflict.

As Jupiter is in the 3rd House of the vicinity, it symbolizes the possibility of better relationships with neighboring countries, while its easy aspect to Mars (ruler of the 7th) shows a possibility of cooperation with countries that were hostile in the past, as the 7th House signifies "the other" not only as an opponent but as a partner as well( * When this was written (1974), the Peace Process was not even dreamed of. ).



Israel's Ascendant - 23o Libra or the Cusp Cusp - The beginning of a House; the border-line between two Signs. of Libra-Scorpio?

On May 14th, 1948, David Ben-Gurion announced the establishment of the State of Israel in. At 4:00 p.m., when he opened the proceedings in the Tel-Aviv Museum by reading out the Declaration of Independence, 23o Libra was rising on the Ascendant. When he concluded the reading and declared: "I hereby announce the establishment of the State of Israel," it was already about 4:30 p.m. with the Ascendant reaching the cusp of Libra-Scorpio.

Astrologers disagree as to which of the two Ascendants - 23o Libra or the Libra-Scorpio cusp - is the true one. I believe that both are correct. What adds considerable weight to this assumption is the outstanding fact that the Sun is placed in these very degrees in the charts of five - out of a total of nine9( * Israel has had nine prime ministers to date (1997). ) - Israeli prime ministers.

23o Libra is the solar degree Solar Degree - The degree of the zodiac occupied by the Sun. of 2 prime ministers: David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharett, both born on October 16th - the day on which the Sun is in the 23rd degree of Libra.

The Libra-Scorpio cusp is dominant in the charts of 3 prime ministers - Levi Eshkol, Itzak Shamir and Benyamin Netanyahu. All three were born between October 21-23, when the Sun crosses from Libra into Scorpio.

A Scorpio-cusp Ascendant could account not only for the awareness of danger (a daily feature of the Israeli experience), but also for the State's fighting spirit and adamant struggle for survival. Its phoenix-like rise from the ashes of the Holocaust reflects the Scorpio symbolism of resurrection and rebirth.

Last, but not least: the full solar eclipse Full Solar Eclipse - If, when a solar eclipse occurs, the two luminaries are precisely on the same plane with the Earth, then the closer Moon completely conceals the Sun, which is thus fully eclipsed. See Partial Solar Eclipse; Solar Eclipse. of October 24th, 1995 strengthens my contention that the Libra-Scorpio cusp is, indeed, a critical point in the chart of Israel.

As in political astrology the Sun stands for the Head of State, the Sun's eclipse may be interpreted as a mental eclipse and diminishing lucidity, resulting in fatal mistakes committed by Heads of State. In extreme cases - as when there is a full solar eclipse and the world is suddenly plunged into darkness - the Sun's eclipse could be reflected in the extinguishing of the life-flame of whoever represents the Sun on the mundane sphere( * But, in order for an event to become actualized, certain signs for its occurrence have to be present in the birthchart - it has to be written in the natal stars. And, indeed, in Israel's chart there is a definite indication that a violent death may befall the Head of State: the Sun square Mars, a violent configuration which features in the chart of the assassinated Prime Minister Rabin, as well. See the charts of Israel and of Rabin (pages... and .... respectively). Note that, in Israel's chart, the Sun is thus afflicted in the 8th House of death. ).

In most cases, the events indicated by the eclipse occur within a fortnight - until the Moon, which at the time of the eclipse was a New Moon New Moon - The swifter moving Moon's monthly conjunction with the Sun. The New Moon is barely visible, appearing as a very slim crescent. See Full Moon; Solar Eclipse. , becomes full( * Sometimes the events will recur for a sequence of fortnights - on each New and Full Moon. See "The Eclipse of Shimon Peres", page... ) , thus full-filling the ominous promise. A moot question arises - why did the eclipse, actually a world event, express itself so drastically in Israel of all places, where Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated on November 4th 1995, eleven days after the eclipse?

The answer: the solar eclipse fell on the Libra-Scorpio cusp (0o18' Scorpio), which is a critical point in the chart of Israel - beside the 23rd degree of Libra - thus becoming fatal, as shown in the next item "The Fatal Eclipse".

The State of Israel - the Ascendant, 23o Libra, is calculated for 4:00 p.m.